Zaključek natečaja “Do we have a plan B?”

Pet, 22. 3. 2019


Slovak Mining Museum and the partners present to you: 21st edition of international art contest: “We can’t complain aloud” with a goal to raise environmental awareness, to educate people about current environmental issues and to show creative solutions how we can make current situation better. This year’s theme is: “Do we have a plan B?” Scientists and environmental activists are constantly telling us about how critical the current situation of the nature is. Even in our daily lives, we can feel effects of the climate change, global warming, pollution and other issues. Environmental specialists are becoming more and more pessimistic about current state of environment, and are often discussing the consequences of our actions. What is our plan? What’s next? Do we have a plan B, when all of the Earth’s resources are used or environment is destroyed beyond repair? What can WE do every day to help improve current situation? What we can do every day? We can separate waste, recycle; pay more attention to the nature’s vulnerability. Or just to be amazed by beauty, power and energy of nature. We can help! Every one of us is producing waste. Separating and recycling should become a must in our daily lives. We can’t forget nature is our home and is giving us its own resources to live happy and fulfilled lives. This contest is a way for young, older or groups of creative people to help us share beauty of nature, joy of clean and healthy environments or to show vulnerability and need for protection. Terms and conditions of the contest: Age categories: 1. Kindergarten 2. Primary school 1st grade 3. Primary school 2nd grade 4. Primary art school 1st grade 5. Primary art school 2nd grade 6. Secondary school students, university and college students, international schools and adults Art technique: Of your own choosing, that includes: painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, 3D objects made of natural or waste resources - format: max. A2, max. height in 3D objects: 50 cm - one author can send max. 2 works - each school can send max. 10 works in each category Rear page of the artwork or sculpture must include: - the title of work, author’s name and surname, age, class, address of a school, e-mail, contest coordinator’s phone or author’s phone - Slovak Mining Museum returns your works only on request and after the competition is over. By submitting a work, each author agrees with his work to be displayed on exhibitions and promotion materials. Contest deadline: 22 March 2019 Only few selected works will be presented at the exhibition. End of exhibition: 16 June 2019 Awarding ceremony and winning works exhibition opening is to take place on 11 April 2019 at 11am in Berggericht’s exhibition room at Nám. sv. Trojice 6, Banská Štiavnica Send your artworks and creations to: Slovenské banské múzeum ul. Kammerhofská 2 969 01 Banská Štiavnica

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